The opago Promise

FAST. easy. secure. Cashflow.

Minimal Transaction Fee

OPAGO is proud to offer a flat 1% per transaction fee for all payments. That’s it. No contracts, no minimums, no complications.

Instant Payment Settlement

So fast, in fact, that you can put the payments back into reordering before your customer leaves the store.

Transaction Reporting

The transaction report offers financial information for your tax office. OPAGO reporting includes Customer Wallet ID, Amount in BTC, Amount in local currency and Timestamp. Download as Excel and PDF.

No Reverse Bookings or Card Refunds

Different to other payment systems (Card or Online) there are no reverse bookings from the provider (Lightning Network) or the customer possible. You have the option with the OPAGO PoS device to make a reverse booking after receiving a payment.

Optional Instant Cashback for Customers

Please get in touch with if you would like to implement the optional instant cashback for your OPAGO PoS device. The cashback amount can be decided by the merchant individually and is set up by an OPAGO solution specialist.