lower costs

reduce transaction fees with opago

bitcoin payments with opago in a hotel

Start saving!

With OPAGO, you benefit from a flat 1% per transaction fee for all payments.


Monthly Costs

That’s it. No contracts, no minimums, no complications.

An example

So, let’s say you run a family owned hotel.
A guest pays 100€ for a nice room and a delicious breakfast.
You process your customer’s Bitcoin transaction with your OPAGO PoS Terminal and get 99€ in Bitcoin paid to your Bitcoin Lightning wallet within seconds. 


per Transaction

bitcoin payments with opago in a hotel

Never pay for

monthly minimums

or hidden fees.


Your benefits with OPAGO:



Order the OPAGO PoS Terminal with free shipping within the European Union. For orders outside the European Union please contact: sales@opago-pay.com


The use of the OPAGO Merchant Online Dashboard is of course also free of charge after registering the OPAGO PoS Terminal.

Transaction Reporting

A transaction history report can be downloaded in CSV or PDF. Automated dispatch by e-mail can also be set up in the OPAGO Merchant Online Account.

Email Support

The OPAGO solution specialists are always available to answer any questions you may have about the OPAGO PoS Terminal or our Lightning service offering (LaaS).

Payouts to your Wallet

The payout of the credit to the merchant’s wallet works in a few seconds. After that, the credit is also available directly to convert it into a local currency via an exchange.


Users are at the heart of everything we do. We made user protection our top priority by embedding state-of-the-art security measures and strict data privacy controls across the OPAGO ecosystem.