For Merchants:

How quickly can I integrate OPAGO PAY in my business?
Setting up the OPAGO PAY LIGHTNING POS-Terminal takes just a few minutes. The basic requirements include having a Lightning Wallet and registering an online account with us. Afterward, simply scan the QR code on the back of the Terminal and follow the setup steps.
How does OPAGO PAY manage to avoid chargebacks?
Bitcoin transactions are irreversible by design, eliminating the risk of chargebacks.
What fees does OPAGO PAY charge?
We charge a 1% transaction fee on all incoming payments in Bitcoin and, starting next year, will be able to convert to euros for an additional approximately 0.9%
When and how do I receive my payouts?
Opago provides immediate payouts in Bitcoin to your Lightning Wallet to ensure a smooth cash flow for your business.
How does OPAGO PAY ensure regulatory compliance?
Ensuring compliance with regulatory standards is a paramount focus at OPAGO PAY. We rigorously adhere to all relevant laws, maintaining a close partnership with the German market authority to proactively stay abreast of regulatory changes. Our committed compliance team consistently enhances our systems and processes to align with the latest standards. With OPAGO PAY, you can trust that every transaction is conducted within the legal framework, providing a secure, safe, and compliant environment for your business operations.
What kind of reports can I access through OPAGO PAY?
Our intuitive dashboard offers comprehensive transaction reports available in CSV, PDF, and CoinTracking Framework formats. Easily monitor your revenue, analyze trends, and make informed, data-driven decisions for your business.
What if I face an issue or need assistance?
Our customer support team is committed to providing assistance around the clock. Feel free to connect with us anytime through email at
Can OPAGO PAY handle large volumnes of transactions?
Certainly. OPAGO PAY is engineered for seamless scalability, capable of processing volumes of up to 1 million transactions per second via the Lightning Network.

For Customers:

How do I use OPAGO PAY to make payments?
If you’re at a shop, restaurant, etc., that accepts Bitcoin payments through OPAGO, simply scan the QR code on the OPAGO PAY LIGHTNING POS-Terminal or utilize the NFC function.
Can I use any wallet with OPAGO PAY?
OPAGO PAY supports all major Lightning wallets, NFC payments via LNURLw, or Boltcard.
Do I need to sign up with OPAGO PAY to make a payment?
To make Bitcoin payments through an OPAGO PAY LIGHTNING POS-Terminal, there are no additional costs for the end customer. If you know of a business where you’d like to pay with Bitcoin, we’d be happy to reach out to the merchant on your behalf. Please contact us at
What should I do if I encounter a problem when paying with OPAGO PAY?
If you come across any challenges, don’t hesitate to contact our specialized customer support team. We are dedicated to swiftly addressing and resolving any issues. Reach out to us at
Are there additional fees when I use OPAGO PAY?
The end customer incurs no additional costs when choosing to pay through OPAGO PAY.