Payments with Bitcoin VIA LIGHtning 

Bitcoin payments with opago in a café

FAST. easy. secure. Cashflow.

Minimal Transaction Fee

Instant Payment Settlement

Transaction Reporting

No Reverse Bookings or Charge Backs

Optional Instant Cashback for Customers

OPAGO makes Bitcoin Payments possible at the local point of sale

In bars, shops, restaurants, but also in the car repair shop, at the hairdresser or at the supermarket.

Your benefits:


So fast, in fact, that you can put the payments back into reordering before your customer leaves the store.


As user-friendly as a calculator and as simple as a QR code.


So secure that you can fully concentrate on your business.

Get your payment!
It’s easy:

Select mode

Choose whether you want to proceed the payment online or offline. Here you can also select refund.

Enter total sum

Enter the total amount you want to charge the customer.
Now the OPAGO PoS Terminal shows a QR code.


Have your customer scan the QR code that appears on the OPAGO PoS Terminal.


Receive your Bitcoin payment immediately. 


The transaction report offers financial information for your tax office.

Why your business needs opago:


of merchants plan to introduce digital coins, tokens or NFTs as part of their loyalty schemes.


of 18–35 year olds believe cryptocurrencies should be used for payments not just as investment assets.


of millenials see Bitcoin as a save haven asset and secure to acquire.


of 18–35 year olds would trust a merchant who offers Bitcoin as a payment method.